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Give us your books and we’ll give you back your life!

Is the administration side of your business absorbing too much of your time and energy, allowing too little focus and effort towards growing your business?

Do you work longer hours than you’d like to and so have little time to spend with your family and friends?

If the answer is yes to either of the above…

After having two bookkeepers look after the financial side of the business in the past, one who was very unreliable and the other who didn’t give particularly good service and couldn’t give me the information I needed, I switched over to Gita Hettiaratchi of First Class Accounts – Middle Park. Since then, I have never looked back!

There are many facets of what Gita offers that more than impress me; her attention to detail, constant guidance and input, reporting that makes it easy for me to understand, response time and her knowledge and professionalism.

With all this, the greatest benefit Gita brings to me is how she has taken away the pain of having to worry about my financials and she will give me great advice that once implemented gives me instant results. How can you put a price on that? She is an asset to my business and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone.

Vicki Sparks

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