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Small business success stories | Paula O’ Sullivan: how hiring a bookkeeper gave me the gift of time

  In 2012, Paula O’Sullivan wanted to swap her high-stress job for a career with reasonable working hours and more family-friendly policies. So, she started her own digital marketing consultancy. Like many business owners, Paula thought she’d be able to manage the books so enrolled on an MYOB course to learn how. Afterwards, she decided [..]

How to run a small business and still have a life

  Many people dream of running their own business because they want the freedom to control their own destiny. While being your own boss certainly has its perks, it often means that work ends up taking over life. So, how do you run a successful small business and find the time to do the things you [..]

Hat’s off to Hank Middleton — a superstar franchisee we’d like to celebrate

Hank Middleton decided to join First Class Accounts (FCA) in 2003. We’re glad he did because he’s been a model franchisee and a huge asset to our company ever since. Hank was a trailblazer in South Australian by helping us establish a presence there as our very first FCA franchisee in the State. And over [..]

Small business stories | Graham Porter: how hiring a bookkeeper gives me a 360 degree view of my business

  Graham Porter started his own marketing technology company in 2000 after he got tired of working for a large American IT company. In the early days, his wife oversaw his business finances before they hired a bookkeeper. But in 2016 his bookkeeper got sick and Graham decided to take on the work himself. It [..]

New year, new business? What you need to know

The new year can be the perfect catalyst for people to take the leap and start a business, but there are a few things you need to think about before taking the plunge. Bret Ireland, National Recruitment Manager at First Class Accounts, has helped more than 110 people start their own businesses. So he’s seen [..]

From career cul-de-sac to soaring success, how we helped Mark Cassettari achieve his small business dream.

Mark Cassettari has worn many professional hats during his career. From chef, taxi driver, and lawn-mowing business owner, to his most recent role as a tax consultant and bookkeeper, he’s always thrived on the ability to control his own destiny. However, in 2015 he felt he’d hit a career dead end. He realised he needed [..]