Karice Grundon

How hiring a professional organiser can be the catalyst for a better life

The holiday pandemonium is finally over and we’re settling back into another fantastic year. I’m sure many people woke up on Jan 1st regretting having welcomed in the New Year so ummm… enthusiastically. My New Year’s Eve was spent sleeping. Yep. I was in bed by 8pm and asleep by about 8:02pm (I have 2 [..]

Money won’t buy you happiness, but here are 4 ways it can buy you time

I was recently asked a question by a client if I could have one wish granted what would it be? My answer was the ability to create more time. This answer seemed to surprise my client. “What makes YOU want more time? You’re always so organised, cool, calm and collected! Don’t you want more clients?!” [..]

How I answer the question “Why?”

Why? Three tiny letters, one small word and one HUGE question. It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot this last month. When I meet with a new client I always feel a sense of excitement. I love hearing their story and learning about their business. Understanding what makes them tick. Uncovering issues that [..]

How to fix your cash crunch

I thought I would lead with a conversation that everyone can relate to... Cash flow. Every business needs positive cash flow, that's a no-brainer. Let's delve into the reasons why cash flow is important, and some tactics that can be used to analyse why your cash flow may not be where you want it to [..]