Cloud Accounting – What is this thing called the cloud?

Accounting software shouldn’t be a chore to use Small business accounting software that’s not available via the cloud can be tedious. Traditionally, it can suck up far too much of your business’ time and effort. This doesn't add value, and takes the fun out of being in business. Cloud software can save your company time [..]

Common Mistake #2 – Software You Don’t Understand

Are you using the accounting system best suited to your business? The accounting systems available today are powerful and sophisticated and while they may appear to be user-friendly, there will be many features you won’t be using or may not be using correctly. Do you understand your accounting software? Do you understand the features and [..]

Great Solution for Share Portfolio Management

I recently picked up a new client with multiple share portfolios that actively traded positions and had a lot of paperwork to sort over the year, not to mention keeping track of gains and losses for tax purposes. We moved their portfolio into Sharesight, setting up automated contract note downloads from their broker to the system. We also integrated [..]

Get on my cloud

As cloud accounting becomes more and more popular, we're frequently asked what the benefits really are to our clients' operations. Ultimately, cloud accounting can help businesses to boost efficiencies and increase revenue. How? Well, allowing bookkeepers to work with 'live' data is not only more productive, it also saves a lot of time previously spent [..]

What key trends are shaping the future of the accounting industry?

How is your business being impacted by technology? Have you found that client expectations are changing?   One of the world's leading commentators on accounting trends, Doug Sleeter, says a whole new world is emerging in the practice of accounting and in the way small businesses use technology to manage financial records. In his view [..]

Serge Crismale to feature in “Your Business on Xero Event Series”

First Class Accounts is extremely proud that Serge Crismale of First Class Accounts Picton will be featuring at the upcoming Your Business on Xero Event Series. Serge, our 2012 Franchisee of the Year, has been invited as a panellist for the Sydney event on 27 May 2013. The purpose of the event is to enable bookkeepers, [..]