Serge Crismale to feature in “Your Business on Xero Event Series”

New name for 2013 release of Quicken software

Our well-known personal finance software range now has a new name. The Reckon Accounts personal range including Personal 2013, Personal Plus 2013 and Home & Business 2013 have been launched in Australia this month. This is an exciting change, and one that marks the start of a number of planned changes for Reckon. While Reckon [..]

Save money – Connect your Business

Making your business as profitable and secure as possible should be one of your financial goals. Some small business owners interpret this goal as being to save as much money as possible i.e. don't spend. Whilst this can have advantages, there are times spending a little can achieve more information, control and efficiencies. It may [..]

What to consider when choosing accounting software

If you are using pencil and paper, or even a spread sheet, to do your accounting, it is costing you a lot of time. It probably worries you and is very easy to make mistakes. The good news is that accounting software is getting much more efficient and powerful to assist your business. However choosing [..]