QLD Grant $5000

August 6, 2021

For those interested in the QLD 2021 grants, here is some information from the webinar attended by the QLD Small Business Minister$5,000 is available to any business affected by this lockdown located anywhere in QLD.  You could be affected by the lockdowns in other states

????Eligible for businesses over $75,000 turnover and payroll less than $10 million

????30% or more drop in revenue, this lockdown week, compared to any prior comparable period, not necessarily same period 2020

????Non employing sole traders are not eligible for this grant

????Grant will be available for every eligible business; funds won’t run out

????Gant will be open for three months

????Paperwork will be simple.  Accountant or BAS agent to confirm the drop in revenue.  Template letter will be made available

????QLD Government will need two weeks to prepare

????Funds will be available within two weeks of assessment and approval