Towards Growth Through Management Information

Management information assists business owners, CEO’s and managers to run their business in ways that will improve the performance and value of the business. Meaningful data allows for better decision making based on evidence rather than perspective. It promotes businesses to focus on value and not personal preference. It helps minimise risks and promotes smart business decisions.

Costing Products And Services

Several ingredients go into making the products and services we sell. Raw materials, consumables, tools, use of machinery, staff hours and a number of inconspicuous components make up the cost of most items. Would it help to know how much it costs to make the products or services you sell?

Pricing Products And Services

There are different ways of determining selling price for your goods and services. Competitor prices, what the customer is willing to pay or a price to cover costs and generate a profit are different ways of setting a sales price for your goods and services. How do you determine the sales price of your goods and services?

Product or Service Profitability

Would it help to know much profit or loss each product or service you sell generates? How do you identify, record, measure and monitor the performance of your products and services, divisions or cost centres?

Business growth mentoring

Our 10 month, semi-structured, finance focussed, mentoring and accountability program can be the difference between where you are now and where you want to get to in the next two to five years.

Our mentoring service is semi-structured to allow you the flexibility to address practical issues as well as cover essential topics in managing the finances of a business.  During this time, we will gently hold you accountable for achieving meaningful yet manageable, bite-sized outcomes.

Participate in Advisory Board

Advisory boards consist of a group of experienced business leaders willing to help a business become successful by providing access to experience and resources that the business owner and CEO would never have the time, money or network to develop alone.

Our network with the Advisory Board centres gives us access to experts in various fields with advisory board experience.  We can facilitate bringing together a board and participating in advisory boards.

Management Reporting

Reporting for management is not the same as reporting for compliance.  Management reporting provides:

  • Business owners, CEO’s and managers with meaningful information to grow and manage their business. 
  • Financial and non-financial information
  • Flexibility in the frequency of reporting allowing you to prepare and review reports daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Information that makes sense and is relevant for your business.

We can help develop formats and processes for you to get the information you want. 

Compliance reports, on the other hand, are what you must provide various other stakeholders at set times of the year,  following strict rules and prescribed formats.  These can be tax returns, BAS returns, ASIC returns, Bureau of Statistics returns, reports to lenders etc.