2017 genius… or crazy… time saving tech trends – FIRST CLASS FAVES

January 11, 2017


Remember when getting your garage door to open automatically was the height of home tech..? Oh, how things have changed! We know our lives are already ruled by technology, but what about the future? Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality, cue The Jetsons theme song, and Virtual Reality is knocking on the door. But what does this mean for our lives in 2017? Well, a whole heap of new tech gadgets that can save us time or improve efficiency – that’s what! Here’s a glimpse at some of the fun we have to look forward to in 2017.


Sevenhugs Touchscreen Smart Remote

From firing up Netflix to calling you an Uber, Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote puts the world at your fingertips.

Incase Connected Suitcase

Struggling to find a power point at the airport to charge your phone? Sick of your luggage getting lost? Then this is the travel suitcase for you! Charge your phone, track your bag- it probably even gets rid of jet-lag for you…

Laundriod – the laundry folding bot

Who has time to fold laundry?!?! Laundry bot does! Tackling your pile of Mount Washmore while binge watching Netflix may be a thing of the past…

GeniCan: Your garbage can just got smart

GeniCan scans items as you throw them away, saving you time, money, and trips to the grocery store! It scans garbage to automatically create your grocery list, matches coupons to products, and optionally delivers items to your doorstep.

Smart Fridge Showdown

They no longer just keep things cool. Smart fridges these days have several features that saves you time and money. Double knock the door and it turns transparent so you can see inside without opening the door – sounds like fiction? Nuh-ah. Fact, thanks to LG!

A new way to talk

Probably the strangest looking gadget that could make an appearance this year is the Hushme. A wireless headset, with a BIG difference – don’t let the pic put you off!

Save water, look pretty

A smart shower head that lights up the water spray with different colours depending on the amount of water used.

Internet Toaster… yes, Internet Toaster

It’s called the Connected Toaster, and it boasts a Bluetooth radio and a smartphone app. Sync everything up, and you’ll be able to dial in to the precise toast settings you’re craving with just a few taps. We said there were some wacky ones in here!

Mattel’s Aristotle – beats Nanny the dog from Peter Pan…

Bit over the “ Why?” question? Don’t have the answer to what makes the stars stay up in the sky..? Then the Nabi Aristotle voice assistant is for you! A baby monitor that develops into, so much more – it can order nappies, play with your kids, track your kids and answer all the curly q’s they care to throw at her. Officially, the deal is for Aristotle “ to aid parents and use the most advanced AI-driven technology to make it easier for them to protect, develop, and nurture the most important asset in their home—their children” …Least you might avoid the “ where did I come from” question for a bit!

Taclim VR Shoes

Technically, this tech advance may not save you time, or money – but it would be nice to pop on a headset and feel the sand between your toes, or the feel of fresh cut grass underfoot, just to take the edge of the day!

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