Accountants and Bookkeepers Working Together

I had an interesting discussion with a local GP this week. He asked what I was doing at the moment and when I said that I had set up a bookkeeping business, his next comment was that he didn’t want to change accountants.

I explained that, as a bookkeeper, I attend to the daily paperwork, leaving time for his accountant to concentrate on high value strategic advice and planning. Overall, we would be working with his accountant and he should receive better service and quality advice, in addition to being more cost effective way of managing his finances.

As the conversation continued he mentioned that he hardly heard from his first accountant and eventually the GP’s file was transferred to another firm as part of an acquisition. Many accountants in public practice and commerce are increasingly time poor, stretched with limited and /or shrinking resources at their disposal. Often, the phrase “I’ll get back to you”, is heard and not well received by their clients or business owners.

One way for an accountant to gain back the extra time and resources is to look at outsourcing the day to day processing functions including ledger entries, reconciliations, preparation of BAS returns, payroll and any other tasks to a qualified bookkeeper.

To use a medical analogy, the brain surgeon has the nursing staff take the patient’s temperature and administer the medication, taking care of their comfort. The surgeon is then free to tackle the diagnosis and delicate surgery.

Bookkeepers aren’t here to try and replace your accountants… We’re here to work with your accountant and benefit you!

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