Bookkeepers are not just data entry

Bookkeepers are not just data entry people… they can be a valuable resource to any small business owner.

It is well known that many large and successful enterprises started out as a small business. As they grew, they needed more support staff, allowing the owners to continue working on the business rather than in it.

Despite delivering more opportunities, considerable growth also brings increased challenges, particularly when it comes to record keeping. Dealing with the day to day issues of complex record keeping and reporting can be costly and time prohibitive for the client.

So how can does one take advantage of this growth and mitigate the challenges? Is it viable to learn the roles over time, hoping that any mistakes made don’t damage the business?

Using an outsourced bookkeeper that is qualified, compliant and experienced is not an expense, it is a significant value add, a bookkeeper is not just there for data entry! Your bookkeeper should be doing a lot of the ground work, working WITH your accountant. This usually enables a higher quality of strategic planning and help move the business in the desired direction.

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