How I answer the question “Why?”

November 2, 2015

Why? Three tiny letters, one small word and one HUGE question. It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot this last month.

Karice21When I meet with a new client I always feel a sense of excitement. I love hearing their story and learning about their business. Understanding what makes them tick. Uncovering issues that prevent their progression towards goals. Listening to their expectations of their business and their lives. Then, set to work arranging the pieces of the puzzle to produce solutions that serve the clients’ bigger picture.

I’m lucky. I get to do exactly what I love. I can get so caught up in my side of the client relationship that I forget that clients are curious about me too. I’ve been asked by almost every client this week this unexpected question:

Why did you choose to become a First Class Accounts franchise owner?

I’m not going to lie. I was genuinely surprised by the curiosity of my clients every time that question got asked.

The answer is simple. I had a vision for what I wanted to achieve, and First Class Accounts was the perfect fit for that vision.

I began my career at the very green age of 17 with a HSC and a Basic Bookkeeping qualification. My first job was in Civil Construction Site Administration. The project manager took me under his wing, and believed in me. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of smart business management. With this company I was nurtured. I was challenged. Stretched. I was given responsibility I could be proud of, and quickly rose through many ranks to become a senior cost controller over several years.

Life and its strange ways took me away from the civil construction world and into the private business sector. Again, I experienced challenges, learning curves, and new experiences. I made mistakes along the way, as we all do. I had set backs. I had a particularly hard year where a loved one passed away in an accident suddenly and I coped by throwing myself into work. This was not a good strategy. I ended up suffering a mini stroke from stress at the age of 25. (Don’t do that). Once again, my life had changed direction when I least expected it.

I spent a year recovering, studying and learning. I read. I read A LOT. I read so much I’m surprised hasn’t offered me shares in the company. I discovered this thing call Podcasts. That there is more on YouTube than kittens falling off tables. And Webinars? They blew my mind. Literally. My mind exploded with new ideas, passions and energy.

Fast forward several years. I had spent a few years taking temporary employment contracts. I wanted to learn about as many different types of businesses as I could. I wanted to know about it all! Everything from retail to manufacturing, to vet clinics and recruitment agencies. I couldn’t get enough exposure. During this time I also decided to go to University and undertake a Bachelor of Business, double majoring in Management and Marketing.

Suddenly a plan formed in my mind. I had discovered that I have a passion for small business. I discovered that I adore marketing. I enjoy the logic of bookwork. I wanted to become a business owner.

I had the germination of a business model in my mind. A business that would fuse all my talents, skills, knowledge and passion together. A service business that would primarily offer bookkeeping services as its core product. It would have a unique product offering which involved business coaching, business solutions, and really delve into the individuality of each business and their owners and leverage this for their growth.

One day, I came across First Class Accounts. I researched the company, the people, and the model. I spoke with other franchisees. I was so ecstatic to realise I had found the perfect fit. Their business model was MY business model. I quickly fell in love with the brand, the business and the people. And I’ve never looked back!

So that is the answer to why I chose to become a First Class Accounts Franchise Owner. In short, we were made for each other. I was made for this work. I was made to help business owners find success. I was made to help business owner get more out of life. I was made to bring families back together. I was made to be more than just a bookkeeper.

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