It’s time to move on from paper timesheets

November 22, 2021

Wageloch and First Class Accounts have found the solution to payroll without the paper.

Mistakes and even fraud are common in manual timesheet handling, which can cost businesses in productivity, wages, time and money. An accurate and automated timesheet payroll process has become essential for businesses and bookkeepers.

First Class Accounts are thrilled to partner with Australian software company Wageloch, family owned and operated since 2006.

Here we talk to Julie Larkin, Senior Business Development Manager, about how Wageloch provides the best in labour management efficiencies and a practical and powerful all-in-one rostering and timesheet platform, which integrates to most payroll solutions.

Wageloch right for all kinds of small to medium businesses

With the help of Wageloch, bookkeepers are becoming more valued consultants to their clients. The software suits any size business ranging from two employees to hundreds of employees. Wageloch also supports all industries, where job costing maybe required, ranging from hospitality, retail, childcare, healthcare and light industrial or construction. We can also incorporate 24/7 roster and timesheet functionalities and are experts in multi-site businesses.

It’s so important to have a visual oversight of the business and how it’s tracking on a daily basis. As a bookkeeper/consultant you can see the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly numbers (labour & sales) of the business to direct your client to success. Our forecast and budgeting features are really helpful tools.

Payroll can be as simple as a few minutes, not hours
  1. Staff record their start and finish times in Wageloch.
  2. Management confirm the hours and submit the online timesheet at period end to payroll.
  3. Manage payroll deductions – super, tax etc.
  4. Transfer funds and your people are paid. It’s that easy!

When each staff member has the autonomy to record their start and finish times, Wageloch’s intelligent award interpreter ensures the staff are paid accurately for the hours they work or don’t work.

The software can calculate the accurate pay rates and rules for the workforce. It will automatically calculate allowances, public holidays, weekends and night rates. Wageloch also incorporates breaks into the shift, thus keeping the client compliant and worry free.

It takes all the guesswork out of manual timesheets.

Australian service up-to-date with local regulations

We are Australian owned and operated, so we are closely connected to the market’s needs. We are in the right time zones for our clients. One of Wageloch’s most significant features is the friendly and local helpdesk team. They are real people and ready to assist our clients with any queries so they can get on with their business.

Awards and legislation are tricky to deal with. Wageloch is flexible to accommodate the various pay rules across the industries and keep up to date and compliant with the latest legislation, which sometimes businesses aren’t.

It also integrates with Xero, MYOB and Reckon accounting software used by most small to medium businesses and bookkeepers.  Don’t worry, the experts at Wageloch will manage the integration for you.

First Class Accounts bookkeepers know their clients well

I was introduced to Deb Stanton via a First Class Accounts bookkeeper who recommended I learn more about the company culture. From the initial chat with Deb, I immediately felt like part of the family.

I attended the Melbourne workshop last year. It was apparent how dedicated all of the bookkeepers are and how much they ultimately wanted to help their clients.  

I like how the First Class Accounts culture of franchisees helping each other to solve their clients’ issues. Wageloch wanted to partner with bookkeepers who have the same dedication to service culture as us.

Looking to get your books in order with the best of Australia’s bookkeepers? Search our nationwide list of bookkeepers to find an expert near you.

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