Managing client expectation and getting paid what you’re worth

August 26, 2021

First Class Accounts partners with Practice Ignition to help bookkeepers improve client relationships and run better businesses .

Are you a bookkeeper, accountant or advisor?  Just think how good it would feel if every time you quote, clients are  on the same page about what work needs to be done, how much it will cost and when they need to pay you .

As average firm  debtor days climb beyond 70, the anguish of managing difficult client conversations just to recoup the earnings you’re entitled to can take its toll. 

Practice Ignition was developed to address this very problem, by providing an elegant client onboarding solution which automates the creation of proposals, engagement letters and collecting payments.  First Class Accounts is  proud to partner with Practice Ignition to help franchisees better manage scope and get paid on-time with automated invoicing and collections.

Here, Michelle Timperley, Account Manager at Practice Ignition and former First Class Accounts Franchisee, explains how Practice Ignition helps accountants and bookkeepers streamline their  quoting process and better manage client payments.

How does Practice Ignition help accountants and bookkeepers  attract  and keep good clients?

We know service businesses struggle with quoting. This leads to doing all this work, accruing all this time, and inevitably writing off a portion of the job because they know clients won’t pay.

Then there is even more time and worry chasing up invoices and waiting to get paid.

Practice Ignition enables bookkeepers and accountants to systemise this process . The solution provides a more efficient  way to set up quotes, so clients are clear on scope from the start , automatically creates a professional-looking proposal , and then automatically collects payment while raising and reconciling invoices  via integration with Xero and Quickbooks.

What is the secret to Practice Ignition’s success in the bookkeeping and accounting industry?

Practice Ignition was founded in Surry Hills in Sydney in 2011 by entrepreneurial accountancy firm owner, Guy Pearson, who was frustrated there was no single source of truth to how to quote and manage client accounts.

Since then, we’ve grown to a global team of over 135 staff who support more than 5000 bookkeeping and accountancy firms around the world

I think our strong start has a lot to do with Australia being such an advanced market in awareness about the benefits of digital integrated solutions. We are so willing to innovate and not be bound by the way things are always done, a philosophy Practice Ignition is also founded on.

How do you partner with First Class Accounts?

We’ve worked with First Class Accounts for two years, supporting the 60+ franchisees who now use our service.

I was actually a First Class Accounts franchisee myself for many years, and switched to Practice Ignition after seeing how innovative the service is, and I’m thrilled to now support franchisees who are just like I was.

Our partnership has seen us present at the quarterly conferences, with franchisees receiving additional resources and templates as well as  concessional pricing on the platform.

We’re pleased to have seen franchisees reap the rewards of getting more clients and getting paid quicker. We also appreciate being aligned with such an influential powerhouse in the Australian bookkeeping industry who support so many small businesses.

If you’re a small business wanting an innovative bookkeeper who makes the process easy, click to find one near you.

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