The gift of giving – Community Service Spotlight

December 15, 2021

Owner of First Class Accounts Yatala, Jenny Cooper, shares how owning your own business and giving back to your community is made easier with support of the First Class Accounts team.

Work-life balance is a phrase we often hear, although not always easy to achieve. First Class Accounts are big advocates of doing what you love whilst feeling supported.

Each year First Class Accounts host an annual national conference award ceremony. The award ceremony was held this November in no less than six locations across the country, which was due to interstate travel restrictions, and broadcast via video link in real time.

We champion our franchisee’s community service work with an annual Community Service Award. One of this year’s recipients was Jenny Cooper, owner of  First Class Accounts Yatala, QLD.

Here we speak with Jenny about her charity service supporting the November 2021 Jacobs Well Heritage Fair and what it means to not only be a franchise owner but also be actively involved in her local community. 

How did your bookkeeping expertise get you involved with the community?

Funnily enough, I have Deb Stanton, First Class Accounts General Manager, to thank for introducing me to the Jacobs Well & District Progress Association. Deb took me to my first meeting. It’s a very tight-knit network and community.

I work for a number of community groups in the Yatala and Jacobs Well QLD area as a paid bookkeeper. I also work at the local public school and the Voluntary Marine Rescue. The Heritage Fair, however, was volunteer work.

What started as bookkeeping quickly expanded into myself and a team of five organising the event.

“Volunteering comes back to you. What you give comes back.” Jenny Cooper

What did you enjoy the most about working on the committee?

Much like my love for bookkeeping, I find volunteering very rewarding. It is so nice to see a community of people gather and have fun.

It was a large event. The day started with a parade, which I took charge of organising.  We had community groups involved, including market stalls, fair rides, old stationary engines, race cars, and photographs from the 1900’s.

Our local radio station broadcast the event, local talent groups performed all day and the event ended with a fireworks display in the evening.

I’ve lived in the area for 11 years and I liked how much it felt like a real community celebration.

What does the Franchisee Community Service Award mean to you?

It feels wonderful to be acknowledged. It shows our First Class Accounts clients that we have lives outside of bookkeeping.

As bookkeepers, we wear many hats. It’s been such a great skill and knowledge base to be able to share with my local community.  I have made great connections through volunteering, which has also helped grow my business.

It is so helpful to have a General Manager such as Deb on board for my volunteering work. Being part of First Class Accounts helps you give back.

“The support of the other franchisee partners and head office allows me more free time to do other things like volunteering.”

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