Want to know how to never have to fill in an expense claim ever again?

July 23, 2021

DiviPay and First Class Accounts partner on a mission to rid business owners of the punishing process of getting corporate credit cards and paper-based expense approval.

We’ve heard of stories where it took a bank so long to set up customers on corporate cards, it was easier for the company to photocopy that card and have staff pull out the photocopy when they needed to use it.

Then there is the added joy of having to fill in an expense form every month, pulling out the receipts to reconcile and try to get reimbursed.

We’d like to introduce you to DiviPay, the newest to join our partnership program because they are an Australian digital revelation which has solved this problem.

Here we talk with Trent Mclaren, Head of Accounting & Bookkeeping, DiviPay to share his story about the new spend management tool and our new partnership.

How can DiviPay help business owners?

DiviPay offers virtual corporate credit cards and expense management all in one place. Our app speeds up the process and red tape of corporate card approval.

In just 60 minutes a business can have a DiviPay account with dozens of employees given access to their own digital cards. They can use the cards for online spending or tap with their mobile when shopping in stores. The app also collects photos of receipts.

Business owners create spending rules to set budgets and restrict transaction amounts and merchants.

How does DiviPay make the expense management process easier?

DiviPay automatically captures merchant data, GST, and GL codes from each transaction, saving staff hours in expense reporting. This integrates with Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks software.

Finally, there is no more need to waste time with expense reports, managing petty cash, chasing receipts and processing reimbursements. It’s automatically captured through DiviPay. 

DiviPay is a new Australian innovation. How did DiviPay start?

DiviPay was founded in Sydney in Surry Hills about 4 years ago. Our founders Daniel Kniaz and Russell Martin, former Westpac innovation team gurus, brought the idea to market through the H2 Accelerator program.

Since then, we have grown to support close to a thousand business customers with thousands of individual staff members with transaction volumes in the millions of dollars.

Tell us about why the First Class Accounts partnership works for you.

We’re pleased to be partnering with First Class Accounts as the brunt of the problem we solve falls squarely on the shoulders of bookkeepers and how they work with their clients.

We’re partnering with First Class Accounts to provide specific resources and materials to franchisees. We’ve creating webinars and training courses to help franchisees introduce DiviPay to their clients. We also look forward to spending time with First Class Accounts franchisees at their national quarterly and annual events

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