Want to scrap signing contracts on paper without paying a fortune for a good digital solution?

August 27, 2021

First Class Accounts with Annature to take signing contracts into the digital era.

The world has gone digital. It makes sense that signing contacts on paper has too.

So far though only big business can afford to splash out on some of the tools out there, with so many confusing bells and whistles most small businesses don’t need.

First Class Accounts, a champion for small business owners, have now partnered with Annature, the new Australian innovation making digital signing accessible to small businesses.

Here we talk to Annature co-founder, Corey Cacic, about how Annature has inked its deal for the betterment of Aussie small business. Corey also shares and how Annature supports First Class Accounts franchisees to deliver the best in records handling.

What kinds of small businesses benefit from Annature?  

Signing contracts is important for so many businesses. Any business that hires staff and suppliers need contracts signed. Real estate agents, accountants and law firms deal with contracts every day.

What are the best features of Annature for your clients?

Annature allows businesses to send contracts for digital signing. For often less than the cost of a postage stamp, Annature lets someone sign using just their finger or a pencil on the screen and when that’s done the system instantly notifies the person waiting for the contract.

We’re also the only e-signature provider offering a true mobile-first approach for people on the go, notifying them via SMS to sign contracts and do so using their mobile.

Why are so many small businesses flocking to Annature?

It’s simple. Intuitive. Easy to use.

It’s also safe and accepted by all the big banks. That’s because we’re ISO 27001 certified
which means we’ve been audited and certified against the highest level of global security standards.

Our customers also appreciate the support we can give compared to the other big international and impersonal options out there. We’re a young and approachable Aussie company. We know the struggles local businesses have. We want to do business fairly.

What is next for Annature?

It’s an exciting time for us, growing to be more than e-signing. We’re branching out into payments and ID verification. We’re expanding our fraud protection capabilities and supplier/client/employee verification products.

Tell us about how you’re working with First Class Accounts franchisees.

We originally had a couple of franchises come to us organically. As our partnerships with them grew, we were introduced to the head office team.

We’re now pleased to be supporting franchisees with discounts on our services, and webinars and training about how Annature can fit within their clients’ businesses.

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