What’s the perfect tech stack for your small business?

November 18, 2021

First Class accounts are here to support you with comprehensive training on the most important technology to move your small business forward.

We know how overwhelming software and apps can seem. That’s why First Class Accounts bookkeepers do all the groundwork and research for you.
Thanks to our extensive partnerships with the best Australian innovative companies and software providers, we offer the most comprehensive training on the most efficient technology for small business.

What’s even better, we offer our franchisee’s access to the best discounts to these leading tech companies.
So, if you are looking for answers for your Tech Stack, look no further. Here’s our top four must-have products below, all proudly Aussie innovations.

Partner picks to help build your perfect Tech Stack:

1. Wageloch

Key features:

  • Wagelock is the answer to all of your timesheet problems
  • Australian-owned software makes rostering, staffing and timesheets simple
  • Keyed in Australian award and pay rates
  • Integrates with Xero, Myob and Reckon
2. DiviPay

Key features:

  • DiviPay is transforming the way businesses are managing their corporate cards and finances
  • Provides virtual corporate bank cards for your employees and business
  • You can control budgets and see transactions in real time
  • Integrates with Xero, Reckon, Myob and Quickbooks
3. Dext

Key features:

  • Dext are providing bookkeepers and accounts with the best in data and insights to make your business more powerful and profitable
  • A dedicated account manager and partner success consultant
  • Client onboarding support
  • IConnects and syncs to Quickbooks
4. XBert

Key features:

  • XBert is a comprehensive audit and workflow management solution
  • XBert tacks and manages workload and clients tasks
  • Provides customisable templates to streamline workflow
  • Integrates with Xero, Myob, Quickbooks

With our focus on staying the best trained and equipped bookkeepers in Australia, we have made it our mission to provide you with the best in technology advice to improve business efficiency.

We have a more comprehensive list of favourites that complement the four we’ve mentioned above. For more about our exclusive First Class Accounts partners, visit our Partner page.

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