World-first streaming service for salary or pay partners with First Class Accounts

November 22, 2021

First Class Accounts announces partnership with Nine25, a new Australian money management platform with a world-first streaming service for salary and pay.

When industry-leading fintech startup founder Leigh Dunsford and his team approached First Class Accounts 12 months ago to test out a new project, Nine25 App, we quickly realised this wasn’t just any product, but something truly significant.

Nine25 is gearing up to re-launch; a world-first streaming service for salary and pay, and a smarter way for people to spend, manager and invest their salaries in real-time.

It also creates a whole new strategy for employers to retain good staff and build a supportive company culture with a deeply meaningful benefit.

Here Leigh explains how the Nine25 App and First Class Accounts partnership will empower small business owners and their staff.

Nine25 is not just a finance app but a money management platform

I launched Nine25 with a focus on improving the cash flow and financial health for staff. I set out to create a product that was flexible, easy to understand, and most importantly enables employees to receive their money, as they earn it to do smarter things.

Nine25 offers the convenience of streaming. It democratizes pay arrangements, balancing out the financial power between employees and employers.

I consider Nine25 to be like a friend in your pocket to let you know how your finances are always travelling. We want Nine25 to teach employees how to manage money and build wealth, but in a fun way.

Nine25 a more responsible solution compared to earned wage access and payday lending

We are displacing payday lending and earned wage access with a streaming service. We’ve developed our Salary-as-a-Service™ platform from 12 months of feedback and extensive research from real users.

This includes a suite of automated features to ensure our users understand where their money has gone and where it needs to go.

Everything we do is about being responsible – this includes helping people be financially and mentally fit.

World-first streaming service to spend, manage and invest earned money in real time

We’ve developed groundbreaking technology that allows users to stream – spend, manage and invest – their hard-earned money in real-time. Charity donations can be built into the streaming service along with sending money to friends or co-workers.

There are notifications if someone goes past their ‘safe spend’ limit to protect them to meet their obligations each month.

Helping make long term financial health a priority

We set out to support our users’ long-term financial health. We provide only earned money contextually to our users, meaning we make sure money is available right when it’s needed, like when a bill is due or automated investment.

Our subscription model means we are incentivised to drive users to take care of their financial obligations and goals first rather than nudging them to spend on things they can’t afford.

The future looks bright for employees, employers and the Nine25 App

Our latest capital raising round secured $3.2 million, and our work with First Class Accounts was instrumental to achieving that by guiding improvements during the testing phases of the Nine25 App.

It is great how First Class Accounts understand this is not about getting money into the employee’s hands quicker so they can spend without guardrails. Rather, it’s about smarter money management, financial inclusion, resilience, and building long-term wealth made possible by salary streaming.

This gives back to business in retention of employees, and empowering flexible workplaces that care about their staff.

We are really looking forward to continuing our partnership and First Class Accounts being a part of our brand journey.

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