Benefits Of Being Plan Managed

Being plan-managed saves you the time and hassle of paying invoices and claiming from the portal and keeps you compliant as we do all of the record-keeping in case of an audit. It cost nothing to you and can help maximise your benefits and gives you the flexibility to use your choice of registered and non-registered providers.

Fast Payments

Invoices processed daily.

$0 out of pocket Cost

Fees are covered by the NDIS in addition to your plan.

Freedom of Choice

Choose between registered and unregistered providers.


We track the budget to prevent over/under spending.

Peace of mind

Accurate record keeping and compliance in case of an audit.

Saving you time

Saving you the time/hassle of claiming from the portal and paying invoices.

Why Choose Us?

Let Belinda Parsons of First Class Accounts Shellharbour support you with your NDIS Plan Management and show you the difference.

Experience and understanding of the NDIS

Understand the challenges and what type of support is needed.

I understand the NDIS & how to make your NDIS funding go further.

Access a personalised service

I get to know you and your needs (you are not just a number to me).

Your satisfaction is my number one priority.

Ensuring prompt payment – reducing stress for everyone.

Great systems to ensure no disruption to services due to payment issues.

Independent Plan manager

No requirement to use certain other providers.

It’s simpler with more direct communication.

Your questions answered faster. Same day resolution of queries or issues (very prompt service).

You are the center of the service

Flexible options of service delivery (choice on reporting).

Choice and control on how you want your service delivered.

Giving you clarity on your budget and overall funding.

Purpose built software for plan managers

Approve invoices before payment either for all service providers or just the ones you select.

See in real time what invoices have been paid.

Get a easy to read monthly statement.

Belinda Parsons

Managing NDIS Clients across Australia

Let First Class Plan Manager – Belinda Parsons help you navigate the NDIS and take care of the finances by paying all of your service providers from your NDIS funding and track your budget, while you focus on achieving your goals.

We have a purpose built software for plan managers that will allow you to approve invoices before payment either for all service providers or just the ones you select, or you can choose to give me permission to pay all invoices without prior approval. You will also have your own log in details that will allow you to see in real time what invoices have been paid so you will always know exactly how much you have spent and how much funding you still have available. You will also get an easy to read monthly statement.

If you have a support coordinator, with your approval they will have access to the software, this will allow them to have access to information like what service agreements you have in place with service providers giving them a clearer picture of the funding you have available to spend on other service providers, preventing overspending. 

Plan Management is when an NDIS registered provider supports you to manage the funding in your NDIS plan by paying invoices on your behalf for services and/or items provided to you. It gives you the flexibility to use both registered and non-registered providers unlike if you are agency-managed. At a minimum, a monthly statement will be sent to you giving you a full breakdown of each budget, spending amount and remaining amounts. 

A plan manager will claim from the NDIS portal to pay service providers on your behalf, they will help you to navigate and understand the NDIS and help you get the most out of your funding. A plan manager will track your budget to prevent over/under spending and liaise with support workers on your behalf, take care of all record keeping for compliance and audit reasons. Being plan-managed means you have the freedom to choose your service providers regardless of if they are registered or non-registered.

Ultimately a plan manager can help take the stress and confusion out of the whole process while saving you time and money and giving you freedom of choice.

Yes, you can change your plan manager at any time, if you are not happy with the service you are being provided or want to change for any reason you have that right. All you will need to do is let your plan manager know that you would like to move to a new plan manager and they will give you the information that you need to be able to move to a new provider.

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Highly recommend First class accounts – Shellharbour, I have recently started a small business and without the help of Belinda steering me in the right direction I would have been totally lost in setting up all the necessary procedures and protocols needed at a very reasonable rate.

Peta Hanlon

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