12 Common Management Mistakes in Bookkeeping

February 19, 2015

Most small businesses develop from an idea or vision by an entrepreneur who has a particular skill, trade or special interest. While you focus on realising the dream, you try and balance the demands of the various areas of the business – sales, marketing, service delivery, manageReceipts staff, paying creditors, collecting monies and the like.

But one key function is often treated as an after-thought or burden – the need to keep up-to-date records, or “bookkeeping”.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting some of the most common mistakes or areas most overlooked when it comes to managing and knowing your business – and we provide illuminating suggestions to help you gain better insight and control. In fact these are not simply bookkeeping mistakes – they can be failures in management.

Check back in on Monday next week for tip number one, it might just be what the doctor ordered for your business!

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