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Small business success stories | Philippe Leban: why an FCA bookkeeper is an essential ingredient for a successful restaurant.

After 25 years of working as a chef in world famous restaurants, Philippe Leban decided to open his own eatery. Many new business owners are tempted to do the business administration themselves, but Philippe outsourced it to the professionals from the get-go. For Philippe, knowing his books were in good hands freed him up to [..]

Small business tips for stress free holidays

  Many people will take a break for Christmas and New Year – but not many of those will be small business owners. The reality is small business owners won’t take a holiday for fear of things falling apart. But working yourself into the ground isn’t a great recipe for long-term success. So, we spoke [..]

Small business success stories | Pat Williamson: how hiring an FCA bookkeeper helped me build a stronger business

  For many small businesses, the decision to hire a bookkeeper can be a tough one. There’s a lot to weigh up about whether it’s going to be worth it. Typical business owners often ask themselves “can I afford it?”, “will it save me time?”, and “will it help my business grow?”. We decided to [..]

How to keep motivated for business success

  If you’re running a business you’ll know it’s lonely at the top — but it’s often on your shoulders to inspire everybody else around you. But, like everybody else, you can’t be 100 percent motivated all the time. There’ll be days when you dream of taking off rather than taking the company to the [..]

Secret Life of Bookkeepers | Kelly Wallace: how caring for rescue animals makes running my business less stressful

  Small business owner Kelly Wallace has been on quite a journey. After being made redundant in 2008, she took destiny into her own hands and opened her own bookkeeping franchise. Not having a finance background, Kelly found the early days a struggle. However, quality training, head office support, and caring for rescue dogs made [..]

How we helped the Youngs turn bad luck into business success

  Back in 2015, a streak of bad luck forced Milton and Nadia Young to take stock of life and figure out their future. They wanted work that would utilise their professional experience, fit around their busy family life, and offer a supportive environment in which they could thrive. After searching for something suitable online, [..]