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The Business of Bookkeeping – Podcast 3

ROBERT GERRISH: (00:33) Now today I'm delighted to be speaking with Kay Godfrey who joins us from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Hello Kay. Thank you so much for joining us. KAY GODFREY: (00:42) Good morning, Robert. ROBERT GERRISH: (00:43) Well look, it's great to have you here… nice warm, hot, sunny day, and I'm delighted to [..]

The Business of Bookkeeping – Podcast 2

ROBERT GERRISH: [00:35] Now I'm delighted to be speaking with Niamh Campbell who is based in Wanneroo in the northern suburbs of Perth in Western Australia. So Niamh, thank you so much for joining us. Niamh, could you start off by giving us a little snapshot of the area. What is Wanneroo like? NIAMH CAMPBELL: [..]

The Business of Bookkeeping – Podcast 1

Welcome to the first issue of our brand new podcast "The Business of Bookkeeping" where we meet some of the amazing bookkeepers behind First Class Accounts. In this episode, we meet Don Doolan, our 2017 Franchisee of the Year. Don tells us why he started with First Class Accounts and what it is that has [..]

5 ways to improve your business cash flow

We all know that cash is King. No matter how great your business model is, or how profitable your business is, it won’t survive if you can’t manage your company’s cash flow. Simply put, poor cash flow equates to not enough cash coming in the door and too much cash going out the door. Businesses [..]

Novated Leasing: Frequently Asked Questions

Novated leasing has been booming in popularity. A three-way salary sacrificing arrangement, novated leases enable employees to get a new car as well as considerable tax savings, and they provide employers with a tax-efficient way to reward their team, increase salaries or to simply attract and retain the best talent. Novated leasing is one of [..]

To fix or not to fix? That is the question… Or is there another way?

“Mortgage”. It’s origins are Latin and literally mean a “death pledge”. It can certainly feel like that sometimes. So how can you beat the market and stay ahead of the game? The Reserve Bank of Australia has maintained its current stance by keeping the official cash rate on hold at 1.50% for eleven months now [..]