How YouTube Can Expand Your Business Knowledge – First Class Faves

October 28, 2016


This month we’re exploring informative resources for small businesses. We’ve looked at Podcasts, but don’t let your ears have all the fun! Here are 10 YouTube channels to get your business brain ticking over.


Koshie’s Business Builders

A great resource for SME’s Koshie runs a series of short videos covering all aspects of small business life, from work/life balance to Ask Koshie advice. It also features some great interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and even a profile on The Wiggles!

Bookkeeping Master

Need help training a client or want some ideas on how to prep some interesting training resources for your clients? Try this channel

Entrepreneur Online

Business ideas and trends from the big budget Entrepreneur Network, these videos explore some great ideas on growth strategies and offers expert advice on some common business problems.

DIY Marketers

This super fun series covers lots of practical marketing knowhow for small businesses. We love the variety of presenters and the super practical advice

Google Small Business

A channel focussed on connecting small businesses, this one is definitely focussed on American content, but is still a fascinating channel to subscribe to with loads of tip-top tricks and stories

Google Australia Business Channel

Videos and webinars that focus on Google advertising and other Google business products. Made for the Australian Market.

This Week in Startups

Almost like Oprah for tech start ups, Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis interviews a new guest each week to talk about the crazy world of Web companies.


A great little resource for Government issues relating to small businesses. They also run events and provide you with some interesting ideas on grants and government related assistance

Inside Quest

Every small business journey is made up of trial and error, lessons learnt and hard work. Inside Quest aims to walk you through the journey of discovery and grow your skill set to overcome the roadblocks.

The Slow Mo Guys

Not technical business related…oh who are we kidding, this one is just plain fun!

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