Is a lack of confidence holding your business back?

April 2, 2015

Confidence plays a vital role in every business

  • Confidence that you as the business owner know what you are doing. Confidence in your team.
  • Confidence that you can successfully market and sell the products or services of your business.
  • Confidence that you will make a profit.

The challenge with confidence is that isn’t something external, it all comes from you!

Success-200x300Confidence is not about being arrogant or knowing it all, it is about understanding that even if you don’t know something; you can figure it out or know who to call to ask.

Let’s use First Class Accounts as an example. We have confidence that our specialists could help any business owner with their bookkeeping needs, regardless of industry, software program or any other business circumstances.

Does this mean our bookkeepers know everything individually? No. It means that we are certain someone within the First Class Accounts network has the required expertise. This is why every First Class Accounts bookkeeper has confidence, it isn’t about knowing everything (although they all are exceptional), it’s about knowing where to find the information.

Think about your business, you probably know a lot more than you realise. Often times it’s the things that we are doing instinctively or from experience that we often forget to realise we already know. These are the things to give us confidence.

Your customers are coming to you because they need you to solve some problem or to fill a need or want they have. For them to buy from you, they need to firstly know you exist. Then they need to like you. Ever been to a business, not liked the salesperson and gone elsewhere to buy what you need? People need to like you!

Finally, they need to trust you. To trust you, they need to know that you are confident in what you are doing. That doesn’t mean they have to know the answer straight away, just that they are confident that you’ll be able to help them find the answer.

So this month, maybe take a little time to reconnect with your confidence, what it is you know and start focusing on how you can use this confidence to help more customers in your business.

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