New Hall of Fame Inductees

October 6, 2016

Launched in September 2015, the First Class Accounts Hall of Fame is the pinnacle for any First Class Financial Group franchisee. Our first two inductees were announced, Andrew Eustace from NSW and Hank Middleton from SA.

The award is designed to further recognise those franchisees who’ve made an exceptional contribution to our network over a significant period of time.

At our national conference, held last month, three additional franchisees were added to this exclusive group. All Hall of Fame members are successful business people, they display strong leadership and they’re both extremely generous in their efforts to promote our brand.

It came as no surprise when Victoria Wilkinson from Queensland, Elisa Mayenco from Queensland and Carol Girvan from Victoria were announced as our latest inductees at our annual gala dinner hosted in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Executive Chairman of First Class Financial Group, Clive Barrett, commented “our 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees all symbolise the remarkable culture that defines First Class Accounts. They’re skilled and successful business owners, they provide unparalleled service to their clients and they’re generous in their support of their fellow franchisees. These characteristics are all true of Victoria Wilkinson, Carol Girvan and Elisa Mayenco. We’re proud to have people of such calibre in our First Class Community and we feel privileged to announce them as First Class Accounts Hall of Famers.

Carol Girvan was quick to pay tribute to the people around her “what a privilege and an honour to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is now over 12 years that I have been a member of the First Class Accounts family and to be recognised by the staff at National Office and by my peers is beyond any expectation. My business has enabled me to live my dream – travelling Australia in a caravan with my husband and working with my clients remotely. I hope I can be an example to my fellow franchisees, this business allows you to follow your dreams. What a fabulous group of people I work with – the FCFG staff, my fellow FCA franchisees and my clients.

Elisa Mayenco shared similar sentiments, also wanting to use her achievement to motivate others “It is a great honour that I have been inducted in the Hall of Fame.  I am extremely grateful that I have been recognised as a valuable franchisee.  It wasn’t easy at times but National office gave me their time, expertise and encouragement.  They helped me keep my sanity and perspective when the going was tough. It is my honour to try and do the same, to help the others in our bookkeeping family to succeed. I’m not the only one who does this and that is why First Class Accounts is the best bookkeeping franchise in Australia.

Victoria Wilkinson has taken a very active role in training new franchisees into the system, she too takes pride in giving back to a group that she feels has given her so much “to be inducted in the Hall of Fame is very special.  To me, it means recognition of the contribution I have made to the brand.  First Class Accounts helped me to start and grow a successful bookkeeping business that gives me flexibility and financial stability.  I count it a privilege to be able to give back to the brand and help others achieve similar goals.

Once again, congratulations to our three new inductees. You are invaluable members to our network, as demonstrated by your desire to help your peers. We are very lucky to have the three of you!

Hall of Fame

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