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December 22, 2016

As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s time to focus on the New Year and what new things it might bring. But it’s not just financial or fitness goals we should focus on, it’s time to think outside the box and see what 2017 holds for our workspaces. Time to jump on board some new office trends and see where 2017 can take your business!


Animals at work

We kick off the office trends with our piece on bringing your pet to work!

Open office trend is dead..?

The article that called it, but has everyone moved on from their outrage at being denied an office and embraced the open plan office..?

Design trends

Want some serious home office envy? Check out this list from Decoist featuring some pretty amazing and inspiring office designs

Nap pods

Now, who wouldn’t be happy with this trend?!? Studies show a quick power nap improves cognitive function. We’re advised to do it on car trips, so why not the office!

Kneeling desks

If you thought standing desks were a fad, get prepared for the next big thing – Kneeling desks!

The ultimate desk!

Why choose one trend. Standing, sitting, kneeling, napping – this awesome desk does it all!

2017 office trends

Not so much ‘Make everyone wear Orange for productivity’, these trends are more holistic on Identity and Wellness.

Seven factors of great office design

Ignore all the trends and focus on what really matters – great design. Office spaces are a hive of activity and productivity, so making sure the environment reflects and inspires that is super important. The Harvard Business Review offers their two cents on great office design.

Office design grows up

A move away from too-cool-for-school foosball tables and nap pods. A spotlight on some of the most inspiring and innovative workspaces in the US.

Funny Christmas fails

We couldn’t sign off 2016 without a bit of fun! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Just make sure Santa has a belt, and you don’t sit under the abnormally large Christmas Tree folks!

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