Some useful sources of information for your small business!

November 24, 2014

The 2014 First Class Accounts Business Barometer has revealed that 43.9 per cent of small business owners felt as though there was not enough advice available for small business owners. Of these, 38 per cent of small business owners indicated that most information targeted bigger business and 35 per cent thought that the biggest issue was trying to navigate the oversupply of irrelevant information.

In an attempt to help small business owners access relevant, useful information, First Class Accounts has compiled a list of websites that are ideal for current and future small business owners who are looking for assistance with the setting up, running and growing of their small business.

Creating a business plan

This government websites is an  excellent resources for those interested in starting a small business. It goes through a list of analytical questions you should ask prior to taking the plunge into business ownership.

The second follows on from the first, and provides a clear, easy to follow business plan template that is appropriate for beginners through to more advanced business owners. provides a step by step guide that can take you all the way from your businesses initial conception through to re-thinking and updating your business plan years down the track. offers a wide range of templates for everything from creating a strategic business plan, to a vision summary, to a basic strengths, weaknesses and trends spreadsheet.

They also provide an abundance of information on improving your small business.

Business Structure

Here you can find a comprehensive explanation of the different types of business structures that exist, which one works for what type of businesses and the benefits and downsides that are associated with each.

This website from the Australian Tax Office provides a clear, easy to follow explanation of the different types of business structure that exist, and what the tax implications are of each.


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The ‘tech’ section of small business website has a wide variety of useful information regarding technology. Hardware and software solutions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online security, time saving apps, plus anything else you might need to know about the best technologies for running a small business.

Often written by other small business owners, the information is easy to read, relevant and up to date.

More technical than, provides an advanced analysis of technology solutions for businesses. Written specifically for business owners by professional technology writers, this website not only provides information, but tips and tricks for optimising your business through technology. As it focuses entirely on technology this website is excellent for those seeking a more in depth understanding of the different technologies available for business owners.

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