How to get small business finance with no mucking around

September 22, 2021

Prospa and First Class Accounts set out on a mission to give small business the respect they deserve with hassle-free finance solutions.

We know that small business struggles to get the respect they deserve from the big banks that make them jump through a dozen hoops, all to be told they don’t qualify. We had to find a better way.

That’s when we found Prospa, now long-time partners with First Class Accounts.

Over the years Prospa has helped so many of our clients and here, Roberto Sanz, Prospa’s National Sales Manager, shares how he and his team works with First Class Accounts to cut the red tape for small businesses looking for a loan.

More suited to the demands of small business

Propsa is just for small business. Focused on one thing we’ve become good at understanding the pressures of small business. The idiosyncrasies. The opportunities.  

That makes us more flexible and open to lending that others may not see as ideal. Many are relieved that the funding arrangements are also better matched to the needs of small business.

A stop gap that keeps things moving

Cashflow is a big concern for many. A lot of SMEs in building and trades, for example, need working capital to finish their jobs.

There are those who have had to pivot to digital retailing because of COVID, and now need extra warehouse space or access to working capital for website development.

Smaller, short-term facilities of $5K – $300K are critical and we know how to make them work better around small business demands.

Know where you stand quickly

With all the experience working with small business we ask better questions than others and see more opportunities. With that, our clients have not just the answers but often funding from us within 24 hours.

It’s easy to share the information with us via the Prospa Portal. We’ve backed that up with a heavy investment in BDMs and Client Support Managers. This really is the biggest thing our partners and small business owners appreciate as many haven’t received the respect they deserve for so long.

Work alongside your First Class Accounts bookkeepers for that support

At conferences and workshops over the years we’ve helped First Class Accounts franchisees understand how we work and when the right times are for their clients to get in touch.

Sometimes small businesses wait too long to seek finance, which leads them to miss chances to grow their business. First Class Accounts bookkeepers are better prepared to foresee these problems and help their clients take more opportunities.

Our partnership makes it even easier for First Class Accounts’ clients to get the support they need quickly.

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