3 steps to help your business recover from COVID-19 setbacks

Businesses the world over have been devastated by the global economic shutdown. Everyone from corporate giants to small, family-owned companies have all taken a hit as the world bands together to keep each other safe. In Australia, now that we have flattened the curve, our governments are looking to open the country back up. But [..]

Running a new business through a global shutdown

Perth Bookkeeper Darren Law started his business almost one year ago. We Zoomed in to find out what it's like to whether a global pandemic when you're in a new business. FCA: What made you want to start your own business? Darren Law: I've worked in small business for over 20 years, to be honest, [..]

Starting a franchise business in unprecedented times

Starting your business during an unprecedented pandemic and subsequent global economic shutdown can’t be easy. But family, friends and a supportive franchise unit, means John Boreham is getting through OK. John sat down with us (via phone) to run us through the last few weeks. FCA: Hi John, thanks so much for your time! So [..]

Two key things you need to survive working from home during a global pandemic

While some blogs focus on how to set-up a home office or what time management tool to use to increase productivity, the need to carry on like it is business-as-usual can be counter-productive in this unprecedented time. As many of our bookkeepers do work from home, we can assure you, working in a time of [..]

First Class Accounts COVID-19 response

For information regarding what you should be doing to respond to COVID-19 in your home or workplace, please refer to the government websites that are updated regularly. It’s essential to focus on reliable and trustworthy information.  In these uncertain and unprecedented times, being a small business owner is very stressful. We’re so proud [..]

What to read, listen & follow to help your business in 2020

Whilst we navigate the tricky waters of 2020, some people might find themselves with more time to read, listen or explore their business information. Others might desire the distraction or need some ideas on evolving their business. Maybe you need some inspiration, some practical bits of advice, and exposure to some interesting theories that challenge you [..]