Securing your future

Working for a big company can often feel like living under a big security blanket. You’re safe and secure in your role, and your future is assured thanks to ongoing work in a large organisation. Until the redundancies start rolling out, and all of a sudden you feel like a sitting duck and your future is [..]

The Business of Bookkeeping – Podcast 10

ROBERT GERRISH: (00:31) Today I am delighted to be speaking with Sumi Sivalingam who joins us from Melbourne. Hello and welcome, Sumi. SUMI SIVALINGAM: (00:42) Hi, Robert. Good morning. ROBERT GERRISH: (00:43) Good morning. Look it's great to have you here. I remember you so strongly from various conferences and met you in at a [..]

How to grow your bookkeeping business.

Growing your business can seem a bit like the chicken or the egg scenario: What comes first, the clients, or the investment in your business so you could get more clients. Well, according to some of our most successful bookkeepers, who have grown their franchises into large businesses, it’s up to you to steer the [..]

The Business of Bookkeeping – Podcast 9

ROBERT GERRISH: (00:34) Now today I'm delighted to be talking with Louise Keir. Hello Louise, thanks so much for joining us. LOUISE KEIR: (00:40) Thank you, Robert. ROBERT GERRISH: (00:41) Well look it's good to have you here. Now I know we've bumped into each other a few times, Louise, as you had a wonderful [..]

Peter Morgan – A journey from bookkeeper to franchisee

Peter Morgan needed a change. So he set himself up in his own bookkeeping business and set about enjoying his new life as a small business owner. Unfortunately, the small business world can sometimes be a hostile place, and while Peter had all the makings of a successful business, it was a struggle to get [..]

Meet the Franchisee conquering the bookkeeping world from New York to Bronte!

Growing your business and working on the road Maria Jowett-Horth is one of First Class Accounts longest serving franchisee. Her business Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs - is a thriving enterprise, employing around 21 staff, and servicing the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. But it’s not just the fact that her business is thriving and growing that [..]