Next Steps

Next Steps

Steps-257x300We understand that purchasing a franchise, while being extremely exciting and liberating, can also be a very difficult and drawn out decision. Far from rushing you into it, though, we want you to be 100% sure that First Class Accounts is right for you before you commit to join our network.

Below is a general guideline for the steps involved in the process. Please be aware that progression may differ depending on your individual circumstances.

Stage 1 Review First Class Accounts recruitment collateral, website and FAQ’s

Stage 2 Submit initial enquiry

Stage 3 Informal chat with the First Class Accounts Franchise Recruitment Team

Stage 4 Complete formal Franchise Application Form

Stage 5 Review Marketing Areas available

Stage 6 Meet / SKYPE with First Class Accounts Franchise Recruitment Manager

Stage 7 Discuss with family/friends/advisors

Stage 8 Chat with franchisees in the network

Stage 9 Review Franchise Agreement & Disclosure Document. Seek legal and financial advice

Stage 10 Complete your Due Diligence and online assessments
Stage 11 Commence training

Stage 12 Complete training

Stage 13 Launch your new business