Buying a bookkeeping business

When you’re planning on buying a bookkeeping business, you can either choose to buy an established stand-alone business, a new franchise, or an established franchise. With established businesses, you are essentially buying the existing network of contacts and clients, which can give a great boost to your business when you are just starting out.

We don’t have any stand-alone bookkeeping businesses for sale, simply because First Class Accounts works as a franchise system. For the most part, we deal with new franchises, but occasionally, existing franchises are made available for purchase, when their owners are ready to move on.

If there are any established First Class Accounts businesses for sale, they will be listed below.

<<< There are currently no existing franchises available for sale >>>

If there are no suitable franchises for sale in your area, you could be in the perfect position to start one for yourself! Contact us to see how you can start your own bookkeeping business.