How training and support is key to this First Class Accounts franchisee’s growth

October 29, 2021

Since growing to a team of 6 in under 2.5 years, First Class Accounts – Canberra Central, ACT, owner Nikki Douglass says being a franchisee is the best decision she has ever made.

With ongoing opportunities for business development and the First Class Accounts’ reputation to back it up, Nikki has all the confidence she needs to sell her business and bookkeeping skills.

Below, Nikki shares her experience as a First Class Accounts franchise owner, highlighting the support she has received

What is your favourite part of being a First Class Accounts franchisee?

The brand is so recognisable. You are part of a family, and the support from First Class Accounts’ General Manager Deb Stanton proves that.

Deb is only ever a phone call away to lend her knowledge. That kind of support gives me all the confidence I need to operate my business.

My biggest clients have come through the head office website because they know the brand. The First Class Accounts brand is out there in such a big way.

“I have everything I want. I am my own boss, but I’m not on my own. First Class Accounts cares about their franchisees. You are not just some anonymous franchisee; instead, everyone knows who you are.”

What training have you received?

Upon starting the business, myself and a group of four other new franchisees went through a very comprehensive training program and then from ‘go-live day’ First Class Accounts gave me a business coach for the first 12 weeks.

They also helped me set up a marketing plan, which was a great tool. It gave me the confidence to sell my services, to get out there and talk to strangers.

One of the great things about First Class Accounts is that you can constantly level up your skillsets and training.

We also have quarterly training sessions and two conferences every year where we get together with the whole franchise group. It’s amazing to network with other like-minded people who are experiencing the same success and growth that I am.

We also have access to other franchisees for training and support. Everyone is always so helpful and generous with their time.

What does the technology at First Class Accounts offer you?

Technology is such an integral part of our business. As a First Class Accounts business, we often have direct priority access to known and popular software providers, but also are often introduced to new technologies as they enter the market.

It’s exciting to be at the forefront of what tech companies are developing to make our lives easier as bookkeepers. Through the brand recognition, I am often contacted by software providers to assist with testing and using products before they are publicly released.

We are constantly being provided with the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and innovation to keep us current and lead the bookkeeping industry.

Deb Stanton, General Manager, does a fantastic job at negotiating great industry rates for us all. That’s a real bonus, and just another great perk of being a franchise partner.

Find out more about First Class Accounts franchise opportunities here or contact us on 1800 118 611.

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