New name for 2013 release of Quicken software

December 3, 2012

Our well-known personal finance software range now has a new name. The Reckon Accounts personal range including Personal 2013, Personal Plus 2013 and Home & Business 2013 have been launched in Australia this month.

This is an exciting change, and one that marks the start of a number of planned changes for Reckon.

While Reckon is well-known for the development of Quicken® and QuickBooks®, we also offer a host of other products such as practice management software and corporate compliance solutions that we’ll be bringing under a single brand name.

Over the next year our products for accountants and bookkeepers, as well as SME’s and personal wealth managers will be realigned under the one Reckon brand name so that we can more clearly articulate our product offering, company values and our vision for the future. In line with this the QuickBooks range of products will be similarly renamed early next year and we will launch an exciting new cloud solution; but more on that to come next year.

The newly named Reckon Accounts personal range of products are the same ones thousands of Australian users rely on to manage their personal finances, albeit with some enhancements for 2013; and we will continue updating, supporting and enhancing the products as we always have.

So, apart from the new name, what else can you and your clients expect with this year’s release of our personal finance range of products?

As per usual, the personal income thresholds have been updated for this financial year. There have been significant changes to thresholds that will impact users at the end of the 2012/13 financial year. We’ve also updated the tax line items for this financial year to conform to the ATO Tax Pack released in July 2012. Income tracking, tax related expenses as well as Income Tax Summary report have all been updated to reflect the changes.

Several new features added this year include a project/job list, compressed back up and Net Worth Movement Report. We’ve also made a number of enhancements including improvements to how dividend amounts are now calculated. You’ll now more easily be able to record wider range of investment details using this tool. Plus, the Reckon Accounts personal range is compatible with the Windows 8 operating system.

If you’re keen to know about how Reckon is re-aligning our product range you can read more about recent changes on the Reckon Blog or write to us ([email protected]).