Secret Life of Bookkeepers | Leanne Noske: why quilting makes good business sense

  How can the hobby of turning tiny pieces of fabric into warm works of art help solve businesses financial problems? Veteran quilter and First Class Accounts bookkeeper, Leanne Noske, says the skills used to make beautiful bedspreads are the same ones she uses to help her clients’ ventures thrive. We sat down to find out how [..]

The causes and cures of small business stress

  Starting and running a small business isn’t for the faint of heart, and often it’s the stories of those who’ve made it which inspire us to keep going. After all, for every win there are countless failures as we attempt to make a living from what we’re passionate about. So tales of success draw [..]

To fix or not to fix? That is the question… Or is there another way?

“Mortgage”. It’s origins are Latin and literally mean a “death pledge”. It can certainly feel like that sometimes. So how can you beat the market and stay ahead of the game? The Reserve Bank of Australia has maintained its current stance by keeping the official cash rate on hold at 1.50% for eleven months now [..]

From shaky start to soaring success, how Don achieved his business dream with our help.

Don had no bookkeeping experience when he became a First Class Accounts franchisee, but he did have burning ambition to succeed. Having run four small businesses before joining us, Don felt confident he could hit the ground running. However, four months after graduating from our franchisee training program he still had no clients and was [..]

Secret life of bookkeepers | Jules Hardie: a fitness fanatic who lives on a tropical island

Anyone who thinks bookkeeping is boring needs to meet Jules Hardie. With a shock of blonde hair, bright green eyes, and infectious energy, she’s a world away from the typical stereotype of a bean-counter. She lives and works from her home office on Bribie Island in Queensland. She is passionate about keeping her clients’ finances [..]

How to run a bookkeeping business on the road

Ever wanted to travel around the country but keep your business going? Well, it’s very much possible. We all dream about waking up on remote beaches, sleeping under the stars and traveling to where the sun always shines – but then reality kicks in. However, award-winning bookkeeper Carol Girvan is living the dream on the [..]