How to run a bookkeeping business on the road

Ever wanted to travel around the country but keep your business going? Well, it’s very much possible. We all dream about waking up on remote beaches, sleeping under the stars and traveling to where the sun always shines – but then reality kicks in. However, award-winning bookkeeper Carol Girvan is living the dream on the [..]

Secret life of bookkeepers | How rivers, trains & travel help me run my business

There’s more to any of us than meets the eye – but the truth can be especially surprising when you work in an industry that’s often stereotyped as dull or boring. Over the next few months, we’ll hear from a range of bookkeepers and discover the diverse hobbies and travel tales that make up the [..]

Social media vs face-to-face networking: what wins clients?

Social media may allow you to ‘meet’ hundreds of potential clients – but is it as effective as meeting 10 potential clients the old-fashioned way? Social media sites such as LinkedIn has made connecting with clients easier than ever, while technology such as Skype has made it quick and cost-effective to talk to people on [..]

How we helped Garry and Isabel pack up their old life for a new business adventure

After ten years working in the not-for-profit sector, Garry and Isabel Hooper decided to pack up their old life for a new challenge running their own business. They wanted to be close to family, and were looking for work that would give them a flexible lifestyle and the chance to make a positive impact in [..]

The Clock is Ticking

According to the latest budget, the government has extended the $20K instant write off for small business owners from 30 June 2017 to June 30th 2018, but it's still advantageous to have the write off in this financial year. Many SME’s have already utilised the benefits of the $20K immediate deduction legislation since it was [..]

Deb Stanton talks to MYOB about why bookkeepers will always be relevant to business

Digital disruption and software automation has made it much quicker and easier for companies to manage their own finances. However, unlocking the true value of accounting software still takes time. Time that many businesses just don’t have. And this is where the skills and expertise of a good bookkeeper is worth its weight in gold. [..]